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Unlock your business idea for sustainability!

Swedbank & ROCKIT are launching Sustainable Innovation Programme to empower local start-ups to work towards more sustainable businesses and society.



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Towards more resilient business and society

Climate change, energy crisis and other global challenges have long crossed national borders, with negative impacts on many areas of our lives: biodiversity, national economies, social well-being, and the performance of businesses.


There is no doubt that in order to beat these global challenges, we must embrace sustainable innovation. We must learn to think and operate in new – more sustainable – ways. And the best results can only come from collaboration and working together.


The Sustainable Innovation Programme initiated by Swedbank and ROCKIT is an excellent platform to connect start-up community with existing businesses in Lithuania and other stakeholders in the sustainable innovation ecosystem. Only by working together we will build a more sustainable economy and society.

War, the energy crisis, record inflation and fears of a possible recession are pushing businesses and governments in Europe to take all possible measures to cope with economic uncertainty. In this context, it is easy to lose sight of long-term goals. But even as we rearrange our priorities, we need to recognise that the real risks of climate change are not going away. Postponing the transformation based on sustainability and innovation will only lead to more uncertainty, both in individual business sectors and in the wider economy.

Inga Skisaker

CEO of Swedbank Lithuania

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the Startups

Explore the participants of Sustainable Innovation Programme


FEB 2,  2023

APR 25

Start of the Programme

Demo Day

Progress Day

MAR 23

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Benefits of the Programme for Start-ups


Participants will take part in mentoring sessions where business professionals from different fields will share their experience in business development and valuable knowledge on how to turn sustainable ideas into marketable products.

Professional community

Participants will be encouraged to interact and share their experiences with each other and will find themselves in a network of professionals. Becoming part of a start-up ecosystem will help to be heard and noticed even more.

Opportunities to test an idea

The Programme will be a unique platform to introduce your idea to investors, test your products in a real business environment, get professional advice and attract the attention of investors or partners.

Rockit community

The Programme will offer free membership to the Rockit community, which brings together a large network of fintech developers and fosters collaboration between them.

Financial incentive

The most successful start-ups in the Programme will receive an additional cash prize to encourage them to make targeted investments in the future of their business.

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Helping Sustainable Innovation unicorns grow in Lithuania

Lina Žemaitytė Kirkman_Head of the FinTech and Sustainable Innovation Centre Rockit

Start-ups focusing on sustainability related challenges, have historically attracted several times the budgets of investors. Everyone understands that greater success in the future will come to those who are able to create real and relevant value for all actors in society: people, countries, and businesses. Innovative young businesses, still in their first steps, often have not only the potential and ideas, but also the crucial belief that only by coming together and sharing our experiences can we move forward more rapidly.

Lina Žemaitytė Kirkman

Head of the FinTech and Sustainable Innovation Centre Rockit

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Be a part of Sustainable Innovation Culture in Business
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